The two physicians, David Astrachan and Craig Hecht, and the staff of Ear Nose and Throat Specialists of Connecticut want to welcome you to our practice.  The first commitment of our practice is to provide comprehensive, patient centered treatment for medical problems involving the ear, nose and throat. 


The number one priority of every employee and provider of Ear Nose and Throat Specialists is to deliver the very best patient care possible. We strive to respect all patients and their familes by being courteous and attentive to their problems. We recognize that all our patients are individuals with questions that need answers and conditions that require medical attention and time.


Ear Nose and Throat Specialists offer a full range of ear, nose and throat services from pediataric ear problems to ongoing care of advanced hearing loss to major surgery due to trauma or disease.  Our experience allows you the comfort of knowing you are in capable, caring hands.

  • recurrent ear infections (children and adults)
  • dizziness, vertigo and treatment
  • ENG and BSER testing
  • recurrent sinsus infections and headaches
  • ringing or noises in the ear (tinnitus)
  • hearing evaluation and testing
  • hearing loss treatment with hearing aids sales
  • hoarseness, vocal problems and care of the professional voice
  • tonsil and adneoid treatment
  • chronic nasal obstruction
  • snoring and sleep apnea
  • swallowing difficulties
  • PH probe studies
  • smell and taste disorders
  • Bell's Palsy treatment
  • thyroid and parathyroid surgery
  • cochlear implantation
  • acoustic neuroma surgery
  • head, neck and skull base tumor treatment
  • goiters
  • facial cosmetic surgery